Catenary mooring line CALMAR

To advance maritime safety

Developed by MOBILIS naval architects and engineering department, the CALMAR software makes it possible to simply create or import buoy models, and to calculate the catenary mooring line adapted according to the site conditions provided.

Realizing that the mooring lines of buoys are regularly dimensioned empirically, which often leads to unsuitable mooring lines for site conditions, MOBILIS has developed catenary mooring line calculation software, derived from its own mooring line calculation software. mooring. This multilingual tool takes into account some additional drag parameters compared to the IALA recommendations and other existing utilities.

The user can also compare two different buoy models for the same site conditions and assess their individual performance.

IALA / AISM has, since 2016, approved and validated CALMAR as the international reference, making it available free of charge on its website : calmar link.


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