Research and development

At the heart of innovation to increase possibilities

Through R&D, MOBILIS extends the opportunities offered by its product ranges and creates new ones. Faced with the technical challenges of our customers all over the world, our teams improve buoys and equipment or create new solutions, making the most of the latest technologies. Always including an eco-responsible approach, the solutions developed are efficient and sustainable.

MOBILIS R&D department shows the way : Involved in all projects, the teams deal with all the issues, even the most complex ; Always trained in the most recent software, engineers and naval architects explore each solution to meet expectations with detailed recommendations.

Solidarity, commitment, performance … this is the strength of MOBILIS leveraged to win markets in all maritime territories, such as the very demanding Defense market for example.

A know-how supported by our experience since 1990, and the very numerous tests and analyzes on raw materials or finished products (sizing, tensile tests, PE resistance tests, tests of sensors in real conditions…).

Our commitment is part of a long-term development ethic on ambitious, technological and security projects.

We combine electronic, mechanical and engineering skills to accurately meet our customers’ objectives.

Behind every product is an idea, a need, an expectation from a client that comes to life at MOBILIS and in the minds of the teams.

Through some flagship projects, we take a proactive and creative approach : the BEA buoy, created by ETM MARINE has joined our range of mooring buoys. A connected and intelligent platform that can provide a safe and qualitative solution to boaters and Port Authorities. This partnership is an example of our commitment to the development of quality, safe and comfortable solutions.

MOBILIS took part in the European Ifish project by providing a partner company with data buoys. The objective of this project is to help improve the ecosystem approach in fisheries policies in Turkey while laying the foundations for sustainable fishing in accordance with European regulations. Beyond the supply of the buoy, the MOBILIS teams clearly answered to requests by actively participating in studies organized and supervised by meteorologists, oceanographers and fishermen.

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