Installation and Maintenance

The quality of MOBILIS project monitoring

MOBILIS is also involved in the installation and maintenance of its products as well as those it distributes.

By providing advice on the materials and specific needs related to each project, MOBILIS offers a dedicated service, adapted to your equipment. Attentive to the requirements of our customers and their budgets, we have a team of engineers and qualified technicians ensuring quality service.

The additional services we offer allow our customers to benefit from maintenance advice, and choose the level of service best suited to their equipment when designing a project.

MOBILIS products are guaranteed for 5 years.


Thanks to a team of experienced technicians and engineers who are passionate about their profession, MOBILIS offers an assembly service for buoys, mooring buoys or pylons.

In addition to the assembly manual already provided, MOBILIS can travel to assemble your products, with all the necessary tools and PPE.


Thanks to numerous partners present in the world and to strict installation procedures, MOBILIS offers the installation of your solutions on request.

Periodic maintenance

MOBILIS is able to offer periodic maintenance contracts for its equipment and those it distributes. Most of the time, these maintenance are annual to check the condition of the sacrificial anodes or to clean the bio-dirt from the floats, for example.

Global maintenance

After about 5 years spent at sea, MOBILIS recommends lifting the buoys and their complete mooring line for full inspection, with maintenance adapted to each type of product.

Shown here is the DB8000 buoy from the Planier lighthouse after 5 years at sea, in perfect condition of the mooring line and all its sensors. Thanks to a robust design and regular maintenance, the DB8000 buoy always provides its service with the same efficiency.

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