Inland waterways

River traffic requires special marking for vessels operating in this area. It ensures the safety of navigation, for the transport of goods and passengers.

Whether for inland ports or the entire river network, MOBILIS offers a wide range of beaconing, mooring and remote monitoring solutions to meet regulatory requirements and satisfy the thousands of km of rivers and navigable canals.

All MOBILIS solutions are tested and personalized according to the situation, such as the beaconing of channels, or the signaling of specific areas : port entrances, intersections, locks, dams, water sports area, etc.

Recognized for its tailor-made engineering solutions, MOBILIS has innovated with its Trackless© buoy, born almost 30 years ago to tame the impetuous nature of currents … A leading specialist in the most difficult rivers to mark, it gives its full performance with its mooring adapted to the environment and all site conditions.

MOBILIS offers and designs precise markings, responding to the problems of its navigators for the safety of waterways.