A controlled manufacturing process and demanding quality control for high-performance products

Key player in the AtoN sector, MOBILIS manufactures its products in France and favors local production with its historical partners and its own factories.

MOBILIS attaches the utmost care to the quality of its assemblies, by the choice of materials, fastening systems as well as electrical isolation to ensure longevity and reliability to our marine equipment. The raw materials are controlled before and after manufacture, via numerous tests (internal and via certified organizations) carried out on all the elements of the composition of the buoys, steel, aluminum and polyethylene.

MOBILIS equipment is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers in compliance with IALA / AISM recommendations, in compliance with ISO 9001 : 2015 standards and the environment.


The Polyethylene used by MOBILIS is a virgin polyethylene, mass-tinted, and protected against UV rays, responsible for the aging of the material (UV16 / 20). It is a non-toxic food grade material, 100 % recyclable.
Accelerated aging tests, carried out by an independent laboratory, attest to the excellence of our achievements.

Our polyethylene equipment is rotomolded, MOBILIS designs its own molds (more than a hundred available).
MOBILIS has invested in the future by equipping itself with an ultra-modern production plant for large-size rotomolded parts. Strict continuous monitoring is in place.

Steel and aluminum

Since 2014, MOBILIS has had its own aluminum boilermaking, the company Technic et Metaux.
In order to meet the demands associated with the use of the different elements, we have selected aluminum grades from the HAW 5080 and HAW 6060 families for their mechanical qualities and resistance to attacks from the marine world.
Some accessories and fasteners are made of 316L and A4-70 stainless steel, marine quality.
Regarding the structural elements, MOBILIS favors galvanized or painted steel NORSOK (system 7A, standard M501), for its mechanical and technical characteristics adapted to the conditions of handling and use.

Thanks to the drastic selection on raw materials and in-house manufacturing, the goals of durability and longevity are achieved. Our quality department controls every step of the production process ; from raw materials to finished product, inspecting each item before it leaves the factory.

MOBILIS equipment fully complies with IALA / AISM recommendations.

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