Defense / Military and Army

MOBILIS designs and manufactures buoys that evolve with new technologies, offering the possibility of monitoring in real time and in complete safety specific areas in order to optimize operations at sea.

A very demanding environment, the military sector leads to intervention in often isolated geographic areas, and sometimes in deep waters. MOBILIS supports military demands through its product ranges, advancing the quality of its materials, the rigor of its recommendations, its work of precision and its discretion.

Data buoys, mooring buoys, telecontrol solutions… MOBILIS has always been able to adapt and offer the major players in this sector innovative and efficient solutions.

In terms of deployment, our teams are trained to intervene effectively within very short deadlines, and are authorized to work offshore (BOSIET and HUET certificates).

MOBILIS pays particular attention to the satisfaction of our customers regardless of the risks inherent in the isolation of sites, the lack of infrastructure and sometimes extreme conditions of intervention. So, we are delighted to share testimonials like this one, translated from French (excerpt in Tahiti, March 12, 2020) :

“… I am pleased to note to date that the 4 double QRH 70T AMR9000 mooring buoys in service since 2017 are fully satisfactory despite frequent use in often very difficult weather conditions. I have to admit that to date, I have rarely found among my suppliers, even the most prestigious, a partner such as MOBILIS who has been able to build up a capital of skills and efficiency resulting in a quality of design and remarkable production … ”