A premium brand

Since 1990, MOBILIS has stood out to be today the world reference in the navigation aids sector.
Specialized in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of navigation aid equipment, MOBILIS provides products of uncompromising quality thanks to a sales network present on five continents.
MOBILIS selects solutions at the cutting edge of technology to respond to the problems of tomorrow.

Our know-how and our desire to innovate allow us to be the world reference for navigation aid products, mooring boxes and data acquisition equipment for the benefit of port authorities, industry and the safety of all browsers.

MOBILIS offers long-lasting, high-quality solutions that respect the environment and recommendations from IALA / AISM.


Certified since 2005


Member since 2002

An environmental and societal approach

A strong training policy for our employees has been put in place in order to gain competitiveness and face constantly changing international markets :

  • We seek the satisfaction of our customers by adapting our services to their current and future needs ;
  • We are in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements concerning the health and safety of workers ;
  • In the service of sustainable development, we do everything we can to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
A permanent innovation

An internal engineering office is dedicated to improving and supplementing the wide range of models – at the pace of our customers’ needs.
This constant innovation offers a variety of solutions that are relevant and appropriate to the situations encountered by our customers on oceans, seas and rivers.
In order to strengthen and complete its offer, MOBILIS distributes products selected for their performance and quality, and monitors them with the same rigor as for its own products.

History of the company

More than 30 years of experience and always the same local service you expect.


  • Production factories
  • Logistic department
  • Quality, control, tests
Production factories

Aix en Provence

  • Sales departement
  • Engineering department
  • Administrative department

Rotomolding factory

With a view to quality control, MOBILIS took the decision in 2012 to create its own rotomolding plant in Agen. Quality is at the center of the concerns of the company which strives day after day to provide robust and efficient products, adapting to the needs of its customers. It is also possible, on request, to validate product conformity on site during FAT.

MOBILIS modularity

MOBILIS customizes its projects with an industrial solution.
At MOBILIS, modularity makes it possible to adapt solutions to all market demands ;
Since 1990, MOBILIS has been designing customizable platforms : each element is optimized and assembled to obtain the appropriate equipment in response to the specifications.

Geographical representation in the world

More than 60,000 buoys in 90 countries… where will the next ones be ?


To date, MOBILIS has supplied more than 60,000 buoys in more than 90 countries.

To adapt to the demanding needs of our customers, MOBILIS teams prioritize quality of service, from request through to manufacturing, delivery and monitoring. Our objective : to develop adequate solutions to bring added value to our products and services.

They trust us

We are building customer loyalty, you tell us.


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