An ecological approach

Through the choice of raw materials, its organizational decisions and the design of its products, MOBILIS opts in favor of the environment.

A long-standing environmental commitment

MOBILIS has set up a management system integrating quality, health and safety at work as well as environmental protection. Thus, we apply responsible environmental management :

  • The choice of raw materials : all the elements of the buoy are recyclable and non-polluting. Polluting materials such as polystyrene are excluded from the manufacturing process ;
  • Management of factory rejects : factory rejects are recycled by a local company ;
  • Local production : rationalization and control of processes, quality controls.
100 % recyclable floats

Since 2012, the MOBILIS rotomolding factory in Bon Encontre, France, produces empty, 100 % recyclable polyethylene floats with unrivaled properties on the market :

  • Empty floats (if necessary, foamed with Polyurethane foam) : we exclude the use of polystyrene which disintegrates and pollutes waters ;
  • Polyethylene mass-tinted UV16/20 : limits maintenance and prevents the paint from flaking (ecological) ;
  • Longevity and reliability : plastic retains its physical and mechanical properties, even after long exposure to the sun ;
  • Memory-shape material resistant to friction from handling, impacts and extreme sea conditions.
A sub-surface float for ecological moorings

MOBILIS preserves protected areas and Posidonia through its ecological mooring systems : in fact, by choosing its anchoring systems and mooring lines with sub-surface float, MOBILIS participates in the preservation of underwater ecosystems.

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