Offshore, oil tanker and mining

MOBILIS is present in the oil and mining sector, a demanding and restrictive environment

In this area, MOBILIS is recognized for its personalized engineering solutions and risk analyzes specific to each project. MOBILIS offers turnkey solutions, adapted to the customer’s needs, which meet all operational and regulatory requirements.

Our proven, reliable and robust solutions, which can be ATEX approved, are calibrated to meet the challenges of this sector.

These are often decision support tools that provide crucial information, allowing operators on site to respond more quickly and efficiently.

To deploy and implement dedicated systems, MOBILIS provides its customers with certified BOSIET and HUET experts, trained to intervene efficiently and within very short deadlines.

Maintaining operational conditions is essential in this sector, which is why our solutions are designed from the design stage in order to minimize the maintenance phases : intervention times, the availability of spare parts and the cost of after-sales service. are thus optimized.

Oil and mining solutions :

The MetOceano MOBILIS data buoys (MODAS) provide real-time meteorological (temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, etc.) and oceanographic (current profile, swell, water temperature, etc.) data. These data acquisition buoys are essential tools for assisting the docking of tankers to adapt their approach on offshore oil platforms, for example.

The steel structures of MOBILIS buoys are painted with the Norsok coating, standard M501 system  7A to ensure good protection against corrosion and hydrocarbons.

MOBILIS mooring buoys are custom designed and developed by our team of specialists, naval architects and engineers. MOBILIS buoys are made of high quality materials and allow ships to moor safely.

In full operation or waiting on site, the vessels then find precise, secure, tested and proven parking, while significantly reducing fuel consumption. In addition, they contribute to the safety of a site because their position is known in advance, so they are visible and easily identifiable by the control and surveillance service.

The beaconing buoys are designed by MOBILIS engineering department, offering hydrostatic and hydrodynamic studies to ensure stability and visibility. Hybrid, modular and designed with materials adapted to their operating environment, their maintenance and deployment costs are very low.

Depending on the customer’s needs, this buoy will delimit the field, which will allow visibility over the entire area and thus maintain the safety of navigation.

The steel structures of MOBILIS buoys are painted with the Norsok coating, standard 7A M501 system to ensure good protection against corrosion and hydrocarbons.