About the project

The “Chef-de-Baie” navaid vessel, owned by French Lighthouse Authorities, inspects beaconing buoys in Charente-Maritime French region.

Among the 300 beacons that he checks every two or three years depending on their category, the navaids vessel hoists on board the MOBILIS JET 2500 FB channel buoys for the maintenance of the mast, the floats, the structure and the mooring line : cleaning , checking the chain and replacing the anodes if necessary.

The JET 2500 FB buoy designed and manufactured for Lighthouses Authorities incorporates an innovative technology unique in the world : its float is fitted with a flat bottomed steel structure which allows it to maintain total stability, even at low tide.

As the photo illustrates, it will remain vertical at low tide, which will preserve the integrity of the buoy and thus preserve sensitive elements (topmarks, lights, etc.).

We select our materials according to very strict high quality criteria allowing easier maintenance in order to ensure longevity and reliability of all its marine equipment.

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