About the project

For several years, MOBILIS has supplied the city of Marseille with its beach beaconing and its recreational facilities.

  • The 400, 600 or 800 diameter beach buoys delimit the swimming areas. Empty or foamed, they are also available in a flat bottom version, suitable for shallow or high tide areas. They can be fitted with autonomous lanterns, topmarks, and arnite kits for mooring point reinforcement ;
  • The ES1700 spar buoys reinforce the beaconing thanks to their signaling panel support and autonomous lanterns ;
  • The AMR 650 mooring buoys have the advantage of being easy to install. Marseille and the Calanques National Park are delighted with these buoys thanks to their ecological anchorage ;
  • The rest buoys have already saved many lives. Thanks to their handrail, swimmers in distress can rest there while waiting for help.

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