About the project

Mobilis supplies AMR 14000 4-ring SWL 108T to the Port of Rotterdam.

The Port of Rotterdam replaced all its old steel buoys with MOBILIS polyethylene mooring buoys.
Specially developed in close cooperation with the Port of Rotterdam, these polyethylene floats include 4 mooring points. They are economical in maintenance, ecological (100 % recyclable) and stable to meet changing needs and market conditions.

They feature an innovative Bollard mooring system that allows boatmen to work easily and safely from their boat, even when freeing the moorings. In 2014, with the increase in transhipment activities and the constant increase in the tonnage of vessels, the Port of Rotterdam scaled its requirements from a SWL of 90T to 4 x 108T per buoy.
This solution is an alternative to the traditional rotating hooks on which users encountered seizure and blocking problems due to corrosion and wear. This solution thus eliminates the need for any moving part and offers users a reliable system.

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