About the project

Finalist for the 2019 Innovation Prize of the Arcachon Nautical Show, the connected mooring buoy “BEA” entirely designed by ETM Marine is entering the range of MOBILIS mooring devices.

This new technological partnership with ETM, inventor of the BEA system, makes it possible to offer a turnkey solution to port authorities. BEA is an innovative occupancy management system for Organized Mooring Areas (ZMEL). This intelligent system provides boaters with essential security and connected services throughout their stay. The dedicated application is a simple and effective tool which, in the hands of users, will offer a new and practical experience. By choosing Béa, boaters participate in the preservation of the environment through the ecological aspect of its design and its mooring system.

The BEA platform is made of rotomolded high density polyethylene with incorporated polyurethane foam and comprising a high resistance and completely autonomous ETM electronic box.

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