About the project

MOBILIS offers AIS (Automatic Identification System) on its beacons.

The Transponder is a Type 1 and 3 Automatic Identification System (AIS) for navigation assistance. This powerful tool allows sailors and authorities to obtain, on supervision systems (land stations) or on board boats, precise information on an AtoN (buoy, port entrance lantern, lighthouse), such as : name, type, size, identification (MMSI), real position, state of the light, state of the battery, state of the solar panels, alerts in case of deraded buoys. Browsers and management services are thus informed in real time.
The Transponder can also transmit meteorological and hydrological data as well as technical states of AtoN and its environment.

MOBILIS distributes beaconing lights with the AIS option (T1 or T3) integrated. This transmits the necessary messages of the GPS position of the buoy, the state of the light and the state of the solar generator.

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